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Affordable Customer Relationship Business Management – Info at Hand Business Portal

Info at hand is the “Business Portal” and central application in our CRBM Platform. Depending on your perspective or roles played in your business processes, you will find a benefit and perhaps many that apply to you. If you are a manager or book keeper there are several features that can help you track assets, inventory and help you gather solid business intelligence. If you are a production manager or talent resource there are many tools for managing project and improving efficiency or collaboration of your team. If you are a system administrator there are many tools for managing roles, teams and other system wide configuration and customizations.There are really 5 clear value propositions that make the CRBM platform a perfect choice for virtually any small to mid-sized business:1. Consolidated business management with reporting, automations, HR, Project Management with project profit loss tracking, Timesheet, and more.2. Seamless integration with the Joomla CMS for virtually unlimited expandability for front end customer portal, partner portal or social networking community.3. e-Commerce synchronization for a full transaction life cycle management and ERP inventory management capabilities with Shipping and Receiving.4. One time licensing fee on premise model and low cost of entry.5. Close integration and two way synchronizations with QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook.Our Info at hand based CRBM (Customer Relationship Business Management) has helped large number of organizations to manage their various functions including:
o Marketing Management
o Document Management
o Inventory Management
o Receiving
o Shipping1). Marketing Management:
A).Sales force automation:
o Sales force automation includes lead capture, and the promotion of leads to Opportunities;
o Opportunity tracking with sales stage and percentage likelihood;
o Sales pipeline tracking, with graphical charts that offer drill-down from the bar or segment of the chart to the data that underlies it;
o Definition of sales teams and territories, to manage information sharing and track sales performance by territory;
o Sales forecasting and comparison of forecasts to quotas and actuals, by team or by individual;
o Lead source analysis of sales and opportunities;
o Flexible reporting, to extract precisely the information you want to see;
o Corporate calendar management, for arranging calls and meetings; and
o Integrated Inbound and outbound Email, which is automatically added to account and contact history.B).Email & Letter Mail Marketing Campaigns:
o Marketing campaigns may be conducted with email templates for automatically customized emails, management of prospect lists, and tracking of campaign click-through rates.
o A target list for an email campaign may be assembled from a mixture of prospects plus pre-existing contacts and leads. You may create a target list as the output of a report, facilitating the targeting of prospects or existing clients with specific characteristics. A special Quick Campaign feature makes it quick and easy to perform spur of the moment email campaigns.
o You can also import lists of prospects (in either Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Tab Separated Values (TSV) formats).
o A mail merge feature enables the execution of letter mail campaigns, and target lists may also be exported to MS Word for a variety of purposes.2). Document Management:
Info at hand enables the sharing of business documents – from HR claim forms and Marketing collateral to Engineering designs.
o Multiple revisions may be stored ensuring only approved documents are used.
o Documents in any format can be filed, and may be searched by title, description, file type, status, department, keywords and owner.
o Documents may be associated with Projects, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Service Cases.
o A project can have all of the project’s documentation attached to it. An account, lead or contact can have all related documents attached. And supporting documents for a service case can be attached to it.3). Inventory Management:
Info at hand includes a full inventory management capability. Two key modules perform the bulk of inventory management – Shipping and Receiving. In addition, the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders modules, as well as the Invoices module, evolved to support the tracking of partially received Purchase Orders, and partially shipped Sales Orders or Invoices4) Receiving:
The Receiving module lets users in shipping/receiving document the receipt of a shipment, list the items and quantities received, and link to the related Purchase Order (and Sales Order if any). It documents the inbound shipping provider, number of packages and weight, the supplier’s packing slip number,5) Shipping:
The Shipping module lets users in shipping/receiving record the shipments they send out. As well, it links to the FedEx and UPS shipping and tracking web services to automate those activities when using these shipping providers. It documents the outbound shipping provider, number of packages and weight, the packing slip number (it can also produce PDFs of packing slips), and the date shipped.

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Internet Marketing: The Essence of Marketing Plan in Your Online Business

Marketing plan is always a necessity in any business specifically online. This will give you a clear path on your online business journey to achieve your goals. You might notice some online businesses who failed because they don’t have a sound plan. They just do business without thinking what’s ahead of them. That is why a marketing plan is very vital to have a worthwhile online business while enjoying the profits you can earn as the output of your plans.You might ask me about the essence of having a marketing plan in your online business. If you want to have a long journey in your online business, it is a must that you will have a plan. This plan will not just include the establishment of your business. This goes far beyond the establishment of your online business. It becomes your guide as you go along in your business ensuring the path towards the achievement of your goal.The marketing plan for your online business is not like the traditional one that scholars are doing in school. Perhaps, a hundred pages are more than enough to indicate your plans and all the things necessary in your approach. It doesn’t have to be three year or five year plan. You can just settle for a one year plan that you can revise monthly or quarterly if necessary.Through this marketing plan, you can study your own situation at present. This will give you a clear picture of what will you do and what certain strategies that you can employ in the market. With your observations and personal study of the business, you can provide a coherent strategy that will create a spark along your journey. Another thing is you can build your brand while ensuring your target market of the satisfaction that they can get out of your products and services.To have a good start in making your business plan, you can observe other online marketers especially those who are promoting products similar to your niche. Learn from them and backed it up with books and other resources to strengthen your marketing plan. With this, you can generate sound idea that would be plausible in your online business journey and enjoy the profit you can earn online.Do not be fooled by other online businessmen that only do business without the right set up for their goals and plans. It is better that you have to be guided with the experience from others with sound theories that could be applied in your online journey. Make your online business worthwhile and have a strong foundation to achieve your goals.

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